Tuesday, December 31, 2013


I am strongly persuaded that a new spiritual mobilisation will begin in 2014. The Phinehases & the Nehemiahs of God will be mobilised to rise up at this time and begin to contend for the faith that was once and for all delivered onto the saints. The Davids of God will be stirred up in their spirits with a holy jealousy for the name of the Lord to take down the Goliaths who have for a generation defied the church and brought great reproach to Zion. Now for a long time, brethren have remained at the level of being concerned at the state of things in the Church of Christ but have not really done anything. But now, these people will begin to be emboldened to challenge the error, the falsehood and the infiltrations of the enemy. They will be emboldened to demand a return to the accuracy of scriptural truth. As they move out in response to this spiritual stirring against the spirit of error, the Heavens will back up their move and ancient errors and practices built thereupon will begin to give way.

In 2014, the Lord of Hosts, the Sovereign Commander-in-Chief of the armies of heaven and earth will give His word and a great and massive company hitherto complacent, hitherto intimidated will rise up in response to the shout of the great King to publish the word of the Lord from the house tops. He will issue His command and His word will run swiftly. The Yoruba adage of “if error travels for twenty years, truth will catch up with it in one day” will begin to be fulfilled in 2014.  

In 2014, the Kingdom vision will begin to speak emphatically. Messages we have preached in the name of the gospel but are no gospel will give way for the bold declaration of the gospel of the Kingdom. Mountains & hills will be brought low; crooked places will be made straight & rough places made smooth. There’ll be a crying out of the voice which will demarcate truth from error, expose deception at all levels and prepare a highway of truth in the hearts of men.

The revolution is not just coming, it is here!

Are you a believer? Brace up for what is coming. No one can sit on the fence. There is a warfare for the truth that will unfold in the coming days and every man will be on one side of the divide. I counsel you to be on the side of truth. By the time the dust clears, there will be a clear demarcation between:

-          Believers of truth and believers of culture, traditions and institutions
-          Believers of truth and believers of men of God
-          Believers of truth and believers of experiences, dreams, visions & prophetic revelations
-          Believers of truth and believers of signs, wonders & ‘results’
-          Believers of truth and believers of logic and reason

...The revolution begins!

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