Friday, June 3, 2011


It was as far back as 1998 that I got the understanding that the love of money is not as much the root of evil as a bad marriage. Earlier, in 1995, I had heard Engr Kola Adegoke mention that those who violate the marriage covenant fail to understand that they are tampering with a divine working, marriage being an institution meant to reflect the relationship between Christ and His church. It was slightly before this time that I heard Pastor Bank Akinmola point out that the divine imperative is to use the family structure to bring His blessings to the nations, drawing his analysis from God’s covenant to Abraham in Genesis 12.

Since, 1999, the Lord in His mercy began to show us that the church actually started from homes and as we move closer to the end, the church will return to homes. This assertion is in line with what Watchman Nee, Gene Edwards, Wolfgang Simpson and several other eminent Christian leaders have written on the subject. I will not forget what Dr. Mike Oye said in 2008, that the Christian home is the first church and is recognised by God even more than our local congregations.

From the foregoing, it became clear to me that the family is meant to play a very critical role in God’s Kingdom agenda which the church today is yet to fully comprehend. Rather, our homes are fraught with diverse hell-masterminded challenges all to distract us from focusing on God’s Kingdom mandate for families, which , in Barrister Emeka Nwankpa’s mind, is “God's template for discipling the nations”.
In view of this, the June 2011 edition of Emerging Leaders Retreat focuses on mobilising families to catch the Kingdom vision, to see their homes as God’s base station for Kingdom advance and, in the words of Wolfgang Simpson, whose homes will “become houses that change the world”.

Date: Fri, 17th & Sat, 18th June 2011
Venue: The Scripture Union Hall, Sango, Ibadan.
Time: 5-8.30pm (Friday), 9am-4pm (Saturday)
Speakers: Prof. Fred Adegoke (Ilorin), Sis. Solape Mark-Obaba (Ibadan)

By His grace, the preview edition of my new book, which has as title the theme of the retreat, will be given free to every family that attends the retreat. I urge you to prayerfully consider being a part of, and to plan ahead for your entire family to make it a date with God in this two-day meeting. I am fully persuaded that your life, family and ministry can never remain the same again. May the good Lord continue to watch over you with His steadfast love, amen.

In Kingdom service,

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